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Old School Testing tools holding back your Agile teams from Continuous testing??

Experience AI Driven Continuous Testing for DevOPs and Agile teams with OpKey

Continuous Testing Platform on Cloud for Agile Teams

OpKey is Built for New Age Agile Teams - Allowing you to quickly author, painlessly maintain and continuously execute your automation tests

Quickly Author
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Painlessly Maintain

Continuously Execute
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Case Studies


Learning Series: Key to Successful Continuous Testing


Integrating End-to-End Test Automation Solution to Reduce Testing Time and Achieve Faster ROI


Shift Left your Testing with In-sprint Test Automation

OpKey doesn't depend on application availability to start automating your tests, allowing your teams to build tests even before the code is available and achieve true Test First Approach

Advanced Gherkin Editor for BDD and TDD

No more hassles of regular expression and associated maintenance

Write acceptance tests in plain English and link it to Jira for real time collaboration

Automate Gherkin scenarios in OpKey’s keyword editor without coding

Execute as part of Jenkins jobs and get extended reports with Full Traceability

Scalable Mobile Device and Browser Labs on Cloud to enable continuous testing

OpKey cloud allows you to execute your tests with thousands of Browser-OS combinations and hundreds of real mobile devices on Cloud. We are your extended Browser & device Lab – 100% Secure, On Demand and Zero Maintenance

AI Driven Continuous Impact Analysis and Easier Test Maintenance

OpKey’s patent pending Artificial Test Intelligence engine allows teams to visually understand the impact of external and internal changes, automatically chose the most robust locator and leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) to modify tests with ease.

Seamless integration with your existing Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery and infrastructure

OpKey fits seamlessly into your DevOps setup by providing out of box integrations with most of the Continuous testing tools like Jenkins, Maven,Bamboo, and ALM like Jira, Octane, Quality Center.

Ready To Start Continious Testing With opKey?

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